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48th Midwest Estate Tax & Business Planning Institute - June 3-4



Welcome & Introduction

- MaryEllen K. Bishop & Jeffrey B. Kolb, Institute Co-Chairs

Recent Developments of Interest to Estate Planners

- Turney P. Berry & Charles A. Redd

Ethics for Estate Planners

- Margaret M. Christensen

Special Needs Trust Update

- Robert W. Fechtman

Anticipating Will Contests and How to Avoid Them – An estate planner must always be on guard when drafting instruments which may supply incentive for someone to contest a will. Anytime an individual would take more through intestacy or under a prior will, the potential for a will contest exists, especially if the estate is large. Although will contests are relatively rare, the prudent attorney must recognize situations which are likely to inspire a will contest and take steps during the drafting stage to reduce the probability of a will contest action and the chances of its success. Prof. Beyer will alert you to the situations increasing the likelihood of a will contest and discuss eighteen prevention techniques.

- Dr. Gerry W. Beyer

eWills – Electronic wills are no longer a technique that is futuristic in character – they have arrived! Five states, including Indiana, have e-will statutes in place and the Uniform Electronic Wills Act received approval in July 2019. This presentation will provide you with what you need to know to get ready for e-wills including historical development, workings of the Uniform Electronic Wills Act, existing state variations, and recommendations.

- Dr. Gerry W. Beyer



The SECURE (“Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement” or "Sending Everyone Cowering Under Reduced Expectations”) Act and Other Recent Developments in Estate Planning for Retirement Assets

- Robert K. Kirkland

Income Tax Issues You Will be Stuck Dealing with (or love) After You Structure Your Estate Plan (The Good, the Bad, and the, You’ll Wish You Hadn’t Done That)

- Richard L. Bartholomew

Legislative & Case Law Update

- MaryEllen K. Bishop

Available and Flexible Methods for Signing, Witnessing or Notarizing Indiana Wills, POAs, and Health Care Advance Directives

- Jeffrey S. Dible

What the Cool Kids are Doing in Estate Planning - The hot techniques planners are talking about with clients these days, including SLATs, long-term GRATs, and using charitable trusts as retirement plan beneficiaries

- Professor Samuel A. Donaldson

Dealing with Uncle Sam: Everyone’s Least Favorite Relative in the Family Business- Income and Estate Tax Planning for Clients with Closely-held Businesses

- Professor Samuel A. Donaldson



MaryEllen K. BishopCo-Chair

Cohen Garelick & Glazier, Indianapolis, IN

Jeffrey B. KolbCo-Chair

Kolb Roellgen & Traylor LLP, Vincennes, IN

Richard L. Bartholomew

Girardot, Strauch & Co., Lafayette, IN

Turney P. Berry

Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP, Louisville, KY

Dr. Gerry W. Beyer

Texas Tech University School of Law, Lubbock, TX

Margaret M. Christensen

Dentons Bingham Greenebaum LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Jeffrey S. Dible

Frost Brown Todd LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Professor Samuel A. Donaldson

College of Law, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Robert W. Fechtman

Fechtman Law Office, Indianapolis, IN

Robert K. Kirkland

Kirkland Woods & Martinsen LLP, Liberty, MO

Charles A. (Clary) Redd

Stinson LLP, St. Louis, MO


48th Midwest Estate Tax & Business Planning Institute

12.25 CLE / 1 E / 15.7 CPE / 12.5 Ins. CE

Thursday & Friday, June 3-4; 8:55 A.M. - 4:35 P.M. Both Days

LIVE WEBCASTS - Day 1Day 2Both Days Bundled


ICLEF would like to thank the Indiana University Foundation with offices in Bloomington & Indianapolis, for their continued support of the Midwest Institute for 2021.


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