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Representing Clients on VA Benefits - May 26

Representing a Client Before the VA

• Accreditation requirements

• Fee requirements

• Engagement letter

• Pre-Consultation

• Filing the claim

Basic Eligibility for Benefits

• Compensation for Service-Connected Disability

• Family Member Benefits

- Qualifying Family Members

- Benefits Payable to a Child of a Veteran

- Survivor Benefits

- Education Benefits

Pensions & Claim Procedures


• Eligibility

• Spouse & Dependents

• Rates

• Determining Assets

• Determining Income and Benefits

Claims Procedures

• Compensation

• Dependency

• Pension

Appeal Rights

• Reopening a Claim

• Notice of Disagreement

• Board of Veteran’s Appeals

• Court of Veteran’s Appeals


Connie L. Bauswell

The Law Office of Connie L. Bauswell, LLC, Valparaiso

Tamatha A. Stevens

Stevens & Associates, PC, Indianapolis

Jeffery D. Stinson

Stinson Law Firm, LLC, Carmel


The Veteran`s Administration has accreditation requirements in order to advise clients on VA benefits. If you wish to have this program count towards your VA accreditation requirement, the VA requires you to complete Form 21A — BEFORE THE PROGRAM!


3 CLE - Wednesday, May 26; 9:00 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.


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