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Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Law Practice - Oct. 6: Afternoon Seminar

Attorneys continue to be faced with the challenges of adapting to a “new normal” in the advent of rapidly evolving societal and technological advances as well as increased competition from nonlawyers. Many firms continue to find ways to cope effectively with an environment of uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. Some have embraced change, automating with new systems and adopting progressive attitudes. Others, to their detriment, remain in denial about the significant impact these changes have on their ability to prosper in tomorrow’s environment.

During this session, Cindy will discuss future trends including the rise of non lawyers performing functions traditionally reserved for licensed attorneys and the steps that attorneys must take in order to flourish in an age of unpredictability and unparalleled innovation. You will learn how to serve more clients with greater efficiency by making shifts in your practice management methods in the areas of time management, firm infrastructure, team building and client relationship management.

This timely session is designed for attorneys who would like to be in better control of their work loads. Cynthia Sharp will share practice organization and management tools, offering detailed explanations as to how law firms benefit from the diligent and persistent use of these tools. This program will offer concrete strategies that attendees can adapt to their own personal style that will help them to:

- Manage client expectations

- Create a culture of client communication

- Deliver top notch client service

- Develop a powerful and loyal staff

- Stay on top of pending cases

- Minimize daily stress and irritation

- Grow their practice amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and After


Topics Breakdown:

• Twenty-first Century Threats Lawyers Must Face IMMEDIATELY

• Law Practice Management Overview

• Four Pillars of any Successful Business (including law firms)

• Introduction to Key Performance Indicators

• Practice management and activity mastery strategies to help attorneys improve productivity and remain compliant with MRPC 1.3 - Diligence. Concepts explored will include:

- Goal Setting Techniques including the Ideal Week and The Annual Vision Builder

- Five Power Strategies to Increase Law Firm Efficiency

• Ten Steps to Client Relationship Mastery

• Developing strong communication skills and habits will not only lessen the possibility of violation of MRPC 1.4 - Communication; but will also strengthen client relationships. Topics covered include:

- The Power and Impact of Effective Communication

- Four Keys to Avoiding Miscommunication

- Three Letters That Must Be Sent - ALWAYS - In EVERY Case!

- Tips for maintaining competency in a complex legal world

• Team Building Strategies

• Considerations in Hiring an Employee

• Delegation Dynamics

• Conducting Productive Staff Meetings

• Ethical obligations under MRPC 5.1 - Responsibility of Partners, Managers & Supervising Attorneys and MRPC 5.3 - Responsibility Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants

• The Three Power Steps to Take NOW!

• Answering Your Questions


National Speaker:

Cynthia Sharp, Esq. (J.D., LL.M. (taxation))

Veteran Attorney Cynthia Sharp works with motivated lawyers seeking to build sustainable law practices. After building and selling her boutique firm which she ran for over a quarter of a century, she embarked on a professional speaking and consulting/coaching career. For the past 10 years, she has dedicated herself to sharing practice building strategies and processes with solo and small firm attorneys throughout North America. In recognition of her contributions to the profession, the ABA GP Solo Division named her Trainer of the Year in 2019. Cindy is author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Financial Planning published in 2014 by the American Bar Association. During the pandemic, she co-founded, a community dedicated to the wellbeing of lawyers.


Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Law Practice

A National Speaker Seminar

3 CLE / 3 E - Wednesday, October 6; 1:15 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.

LIVE INDIVIDUAL WEBCAST ONLY - From your home or office


Join us early for the Morning Seminar and Save $95

Cynthia will also be presenting a morning seminar, Lawyer’s Guide to Financial Planning and buying both programs together saves you $95. Click Here for the bundled price.

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN


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