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Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office 2022 - 6 CLE (NLS)

This seminar has concluded. Please join us next time.

Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office


The course materials cover Word versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, and 365 for Windows. However, if you are a Mac user, we also have separate manuals for Word for Mac 2016, 2019, and 365 which you can download and follow along. Word for Windows and Word for Mac have slightly different interfaces, but they are capable of most of the same things with some minor exceptions.

Sample documents will be available for download in advance so you may follow along with the exercises we will go over in class. The seminar will be taught using Word 365 for Windows.

As an ancillary benefit of attending the training, you will also be entitled to FREE Word technical support for the 3-days immediately following the seminar you attend (rendered via email, phone, and web meeting where appropriate).

If you have specific Word frustrations, bring them to the class and raise them during the discussion. If the instructor doesn’t have time to answer them during the presentation, he’ll make sure you get an answer afterward.

Feel free to email your questions in advanced of the program to We will do our best to incorporate your submitted questions into the program.



How To Fix Word's Default Settings

• Fix Word's formatting & programmatical defaults once & for all

• Improve Word's interface

Advanced Font & Paragraph Formatting

• Proofing - spell check, auto-correct, grammar check & thesaurus

• Word's formatting methodology explained in plain English

• Tips for working with long legal documents

• How to strip formatting from wayward text

• Inserting symbols, non-breaking spaces & hyphens

• Automatic paragraph spacing

• Holding headings, text, and paragraphs together to avoid awkward page breaks

• Tabs - types, how they are used, best practices for signature lines

• Indents - shifting text left or right while maintaining proper alignment

Page Numbering & Whole Document Formatting

• Controlling headers & footers

• How to set up simple to complex page numbering schemes

Styles - Word’s Most Important Feature Explained

• Tables of contents which automatically generate and update

• How to use the Navigation Pane

• How to fix common formatting issues with styles

Auto Paragraph Numbering & Advanced Styles

• Attaching paragraph numbers to styles

• Building multi-level numbering schemes

• Paragraph cross-references which automatically update

Automation & Clause Libraries

• Macros

• Auto Text and Quick Parts

Protecting Work Product

• Redlining, tracking changes, and comments

• Protecting documents with encryption

Tables of Authority (Time permitting)



Barron K. Henley, Esq.

Affinity Consulting Group, LLC, Columbus, OH

Barron K. Henley, Esq. is one of the founding partners of Affinity Consulting Group, a legal technology consulting firm focused on automating and streamlining law firms and legal departments.

Non-Legal Subject Matter (CLE / NLS): Up to 12 hours of your 36 CLE hour requirement can be obtained attending NLS (Non-Legal Subject Matter) seminars. MCLE Rule 29, Section 3(a).

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN • Premier Indiana CLE


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