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Indiana's Lemon Law 2024 - 1 CLE

Indiana's Lemon Law

Indiana's Lemon Law, officially known as the Indiana Motor Vehicle Protection Act, is designed to provide a remedy to purchasers (and lessees) of new vehicles when there is a defect that the dealership can't fix. It applies to vehicles purchased or leased in Indiana, regardless of whether the purchaser is a resident of Indiana or the vehicle is registered in Indiana. It does not apply to vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds. It also does not apply to conversion vans, motor homes, farm machinery, road-building equipment, motorcycles, mopeds, snowmobiles, or any vehicle designed primarily for off-road use. Purchasers of these vehicles may, however, be able to pursue a lawsuit under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal statute, if the vehicle is nonconforming to a written or implied warranty.

Join Robert Duff, Indiana Consumer Law Group, Fishers, for this one-hour webcast that will take you through all aspects of Indiana's Lemon Law! Included in his discussion will be:

• Why have all 50 states passed lemon laws?

• What is Indiana’s lemon law?

• How do you know when you have a “lemon?”

• Practical steps involved in filing a lemon law lawsuit.

• Can a manufacturer who refuses to repurchase a vehicle that clearly meets the requirements of the lemon law be held accountable for the delay?

• Potential pitfalls and what to do about them.

Indiana's Lemon Law

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