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Need Ethics Hours? 5 On Demand Seminars Focusing on Ethics

Attorneys, as stewards of justice, are entrusted with the responsibility to champion fairness, honesty, and the rule of law. The importance of ethics in the legal profession extends beyond mere compliance with codes of conduct; it embodies a commitment to principles that safeguard the rights and well-being of individuals, maintain public trust, and contribute to the overall legitimacy of the legal system. Here are 5 seminars focusing on ethics.

6 CLE / 6 E - From November 2023 - One of our highest rated seminars! Law has long been considered a profession. Implied in this special designation was the belief that the practice of law was indispensable to the well-being of society and that a lawyer served the common good in a distinctive, fundamental way. A lawyer’s work was not just a job, but a genuine vocation, a calling. Without a sense of calling, however, the practice of law becomes the regulated business of providing legal services and lawyers become mere service providers who finds little satisfaction in the law. Many would argue this is the state of the profession today. This program explores the historic role of calling in the legal profession and the implications of its absence for the future of the profession.

3 CLE / 3 E - From October 2023

This seminar explores essential financial and tax concepts that all Lawyers must know in order to properly guide clients as well as to secure their own economic futures. Seminar concepts and discussion arise from Cynthia Sharp’s book The Lawyers’ Guide to Financial Planning published by ABA Book Publishing.

3 CLE / 3 E - From October 2023

Meg Christensen and Chuck Kidd analyze ethical challenges arising out of today’s Legal Practice.  Featuring their popular, interactive video format, this program examines a multitude of situations that can lead to potential ethics violations.

3 CLE / 3 E - From October 2023

Attorneys continue to be faced with the challenges of adapting to a “new normal” in the advent of rapidly evolving societal and technological advances as well as increased competition from nonlawyers. Some have embraced change, automating with new systems, and adopting progressive attitudes. Others, to their detriment, remain in denial about the significant impact these changes have on their ability to prosper in tomorrow’s environment.  

During this session, we discuss future trends including the rise of nonlawyers performing functions traditionally reserved for licensed attorneys and the steps that attorneys must take to flourish in an age of unparalleled innovation. We’ll touch on benefits, pitfalls, and ethical considerations when using ChatGPT in the law office setting. You will learn how to serve more clients with greater efficiency by making shifts in your practice management methods in the areas of time management, firm infrastructure, team building, and client relationship management.

3 CLE / 3 E - From April 2023

Although the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct no longer require zeal in representing a client, courts and disciplinary authorities still speak of it fondly.  This program will look at the risks lawyers face when they cross the “zealous” line with clients, third parties, other lawyers, courts, and, yes, disciplinary authorities.

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