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Wealth Management Wednesday's 2022: 1-Hr. Live Webcasts Every Wednesday in August

These seminars have concluded. Please join us next time.

Join Nicole C. McGoff & David Ghormley every Wednesday in August for ICLEF's Wealth Management Live Webcast Series which will highlight wealth management & financial planning for lawyers & their clients.


Social Security Planning: Preparing Your Client for Retirement


OVERVIEW: Here, we will provide useful guidance that you can use when helping your clients plan for how Social Security will fit into their overall plans for retirement.


Top IRA Planning Mistakes


OVERVIEW: Commonly made IRA planning mistakes put clients’ retirement plans in jeopardy and threaten client-attorney relationships. Put your IRA knowledge to work by bringing the 12 most common mistakes to life. Frequently discussed problem areas include beneficiary designations, spousal inheritance options and IRA, Roth IRA & RMD issues.


Protecting Wealth from Healthcare Costs in Retirement


OVERVIEW: Addresses planning for healthcare costs in retirement & the two key risks client’s face.(1) What Medicare covers & the increasing out-of-pocket expenses that need to be included in their retirement income plan. (2) Financial impact of a long-term healthcare event & the types of LTC insurance available.


Generational Wealth & Wealth Transfer Conversations


OVERVIEW: The family wealth transfer is about how to pass on what is important and how to avoid damaging your client’s children’s relationships with each other. This seminar focuses on family wealth management and helps you advise your clients to understand why transfers can fail, and how to avoid mistakes.


Making an Exit Plan: Strategies to Help Maximize

a Business Owners' Wealth


OVERVIEW: How to develop income strategies to help maximize a business owners' wealth.



Nicole C. McGoff, CDFA®

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Indianapolis

Nicole and her team are passionate about helping their clients live their best financial lives. Her process begins by listening to her clients' goals and needs to providing them with a thorough, educational, and transparent financial strategy.

Nicole began her financial services career in 2010 as a Financial Advisor working with successful families and business owners to build, protect, and transfer their wealth. Most recently, Nicole spent four years at Capital Group|American Funds where she educated Financial Advisors and research teams on investment processes and effective practice management. This experience has allowed her to better service the needs, wants, and wishes of her clients.

David Ghormley, CFA

MFS Investment Management, Indianapolis

MFS Investment Management is an active, global asset manager with a uniquely collaborative approach to build better insights for clients. Its investment approach has three core elements – integrated research, global collaboration, and active risk management. Through the combined application of these three principles, the firm works to deliver sustainable investment solutions for the individual and institutional investors it serves.

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