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Is it Legal for a Nonprofit to...? 2022 - 4 CLE / 1 E

This seminar has concluded. Please join us next time.

Is it Legal for a Nonprofit to...?

4 CLE / 1 E

Ever wondered what exactly a nonprofit organization CAN & CAN NOT do in their day-to-day operations? This program addresses several common areas that come into question, along with an ethical considerations section as well!


Is It Legal for a Nonprofit To…

• Charge for goods or services?

• Have more revenue (income) than expenses? (make a “profit”)

• Run a “business”?

• Own a business?

• Own real property?

• Receive rent payments?

• Pay employees? Pay employees larger-than-average salaries & benefits?

• Pay bonuses to employees?

• Have a founder that cannot be removed?

• Offer __________ kinds of services?

• Have partnerships, commercial co-ventures or joint ventures with businesses?

• Give prizes or financial awards to volunteers?

• Contract for goods or services with Board Members?

• Make loans to officers or directors?

• Remove a member? Redefine membership?

• Limit member access to records?

• Limit Director or Officer access to records or the building/property?

• Limit Director or Officer access to clients or patients?

• Pass & enforce a resolution that ties the hands of future Boards?

• Ethical Considerations in the Nonprofit Setting

- Representing the Organization

- Knowing Who the "Organization" Actually Is in Governance Conflict

- Communicating with the Organization

- Competency

- Common Conflicts in Representing Nonprofits

- Transferring the File at Conclusion of Representation

- Dual Representation of the Organization plus a Member, Officer or Director



Zachary S. Kester, Chair

Charitable Allies Inc., Indianapolis

Ted R. Batson, Jr.

CapinCrouse LLP, Indianapolis

L. Kathleen Buckner

Charitable Allies Inc., Indianapolis

Jacqueline M. Pimentel-Gannon

Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, Indianapolis

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN • Indiana's Premier CLE Provider


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