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Legislative Update 2024 - 3 CLE - May 8

It was another busy Legislative Session, even with the shorter term! Join Senator Eric A. Koch and his legislative faculty for this year's Legislative Update. This program presents a look back at the many key pieces of legislative activity that occurred during the session, as well as the impact they will have upon your practice.

As time permits we will also take a quick glimpse of what may lie ahead for the 2025 session.


SB 2 - Child Care

SB 17 - Age Verification for Material Harmful to Minors

SB 18 - Various Probate Matters

SB 36 - Interference with Boundary Marker

SB 70 - Bail and Release Review Commission

SB 150 - Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

SB 179 - Commission on Court Appointed Attorneys

SB 146 - Youth Employment

SB 205 - Collaborative Brewing

SB 225 - Exchange of Insurance Information After an Accident

SB 226 - Attorney’s Fees

SB 246 - Assessment of Wetlands Classified as Wildlands

HB 1003 - Administrative Law

HB 1004 - Pension Matters

HB 1068 - Unlicensed Real Estate Solicitors

HB 1090 - Transportation Matters

HB 1101 - Courts for Children Three Years of Age and Younger in Need of Services

HB 1108 - Development Restrictions on Slopes

HB 1133 - Use of Digitally Altered Media in Elections

HB 1158 - County Contracts

HB 1160 - Advance Payment Contracts and Commercial Litigation Financing

HB 1203 - Xylazine

HB 1204 - Publication of Public Notices

HB 1209 - Rule Against Perpetuities

HB 1238 - Competency Evaluation

HB 1320 - Building Regulation

HB 1338 - Security of Property and Meeting Decorum

HB 1359 - Probate – Insurance Coverage on Property Transferred by a TOD

HB 1418 - Forensic Diversion and Drug Courts



Sen. Eric A. Koch, Chair

The Koch Law Firm P.C., Bloomington

Sen. Cyndi V. Carrasco

University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis

Sen. Aaron M. Freeman

The Freeman Law Office, LLC, Indianapolis

Rep. Christopher P. Jeter

Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP, Fishers

Rep. Jennifer Meltzer

City of Shelbyville, Shelbyville

Sen. Rodney Pol, Jr.

City of Gary - Law Department, Gary


Legislative Update 2024

3 CLE - Wednesday, May 8; 9:00 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.

LIVE IN-PERSON SEMINAR - ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

LIVE WEBCAST - From your home or office

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN • Premier Indiana CLE



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