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The Ethics Triangle 2023 - 3 CLE / 3 E

3 CLE / 3 E - On Demand Seminar

The Ethics Triangle is back! Meg Christensen & Chuck Kidd analyze ethical challenges arising out of today’s Legal Practice. Featuring an enjoyable video format, this program examines a multitude of situations that can lead to potential ethics violations. Satisfy your entire three hour ethics requirement during this one program. Bring your questions!

Here's a sampling of the ethical categories:

• Ethics in the Virtual World

• Morality vs. Ethics

• The Shrinking Profession

• Privileged Information

• Lying

• Attorney Fees / Fee Agreements / Non-Refundable Fees

• Social Media

• Transactional Practice

• Inadvertent Communications

• Technology "Reasonable Measures"; Document Retention,

Confidentiality, Tracking Devices, Encrypted Emails, etc.

• International Travel Issues

• Conflict Checks

• Lawyer Advertising

• Mediation Ethics

• Neglect / Failure to Communicate

• Publicity - Judicial Criticism; Trial Publicity

• Sex

• Substance & Stress

• Corporate Disputes

• Who Really is the Client?



Margaret M. Christensen

Dentons Bingham Greenebaum LLP, Indianapolis

Charles M. Kidd

Retired, Indiana Supreme CourtDisciplinary Commission, Indianapolis


3 CLE / 3 E - On Demand Seminar

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN • Premier Indiana CLE


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