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Top 20 Most Popular ICLEF Seminars of 2023

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and evolving legal landscapes, staying abreast of the latest developments is imperative. To meet the growing demand for up-to-date knowledge, we present ICLEF's Top 20 Most Popular On Demand Seminars of 2023 — a list that delves into diverse facets of law, offering invaluable insights into the realms of legal technology, estate planning, artificial intelligence law, ethics, mediation and more.

You can bundle most of these seminars by using our Pick 6: Build Your Own Seminar feature.

1) 45th Annual Indiana Law Update: Day 1Day 2Both Days

12 CLE / 1 E - From September 2023 - A comprehensive review of the substantive trends, changes and developments in Indiana Law across a diverse array of practice areas.

6 CLE - From March 2023 - Experts unravel the intricacies of preserving wealth, navigating legal frameworks, and deploying cutting-edge tools.

3 CLE / .5 E - From August 2023 - Explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence use in law firms. We look into its innovative applications and the evolving legal landscape.

1 CLE - From February 2023 - Senate Enrolled Act 204 (P.L. 50-2021) became effective on July 1, 2021. It created a new single type of healthcare advance directive to appoint one or more healthcare representatives and/or state-specific instructions, wishes, and/or treatment preferences.

1 CLE (NLS) - From February 2023 - A quick hour of litigation tips, tricks & websites to discover.

1 CLE / 1 E - From February 2023 - We dissect the intricacies of legal technology, offering insights on mitigating risks and maximizing benefits to ensure ethical and effective practice.

6 CLE - From April 2023 - Explore the complexities of assessing damages in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our distinguished faculty guide you through the nuanced considerations and strategies essential for effective litigation and just compensation.

8)  50th Annual Midwest Estate Tax & Business Planning Institute: Day 1Day 2Both Days

12.25 CLE / 1 E / 14 CPE / 12.25 Ins. CE - From June 2023 - The faculty provides insights into estate and business planning strategies needed to navigate the complexities of preserving wealth, ensuring seamless succession, and fostering long-term financial security.

3 CLE - From May 2023 - Our faculty looks into the latest regulations, procedural nuances, and best practices, ensuring attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape surrounding adoption processes in the state.

3 CLE - From February 2023 - Explore the nuanced aspects of emotional distress and other psychological damages. The faculty looks into the legal complexities, case precedents, and effective strategies for handling claims involving emotional distress, providing invaluable insights for legal professionals navigating this intricate terrain.

1 CLE - From August 2023 - In 2022 the old decanting statute was repealed and replaced with Indiana's version of the Uniform Trust Decanting Act. Learn what "Decanting" is and how to utilize it.

6 CME / 6 CLE / 1 E - From September 2023 - Enhance your skills and propel your civil mediation practice forward with this seminar. Experienced mediators share cutting-edge techniques, industry insights, and best practices, empowering you to navigate complexities and elevate your proficiency in alternative dispute resolution.

3 CLE / 3 E - A National Speaker Seminar from October 2023 - This timely session is designed for attorneys who would like to be in better control of their workloads. Cynthia Sharp shares practice organization and management tools, offering detailed explanations as to how law firms benefit from the diligent and persistent use of these tools.

3 CLE / 3 E - From October 2023 - Analyze ethical challenges arising out of today’s Legal Practice. Featuring an interactive video format, this program examines a multitude of situations that can lead to potential ethics violations.

6 CLE - From November 2023 - Steve Easton introduces a new generation to Younger’s landmark work with this practice-driven program. Evidence for Trial Lawyers spans the chasm between theoretical possibility and everyday reality. It emphasizes the rules that actually affect real trial lawyers in real jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, proceedings before administrative law judges, and other hearings.

6 CLE / 6 E - From November 2023 - Law has long been considered a profession. Implied in this special designation was the belief that the practice of law was indispensable to the well-being of society and that a lawyer served the common good in a distinctive, fundamental way. A lawyer’s work was not just a job, but a genuine vocation, a calling.

6.25 CLE - From November 2023 - We take you through the appeals process from start to finish. Highlighting best practices, procedural intricacies, and effective advocacy strategies, providing attendees with the tools to navigate the appellate process with confidence.

6 CLE / 1 E - From April 2023 - Delve into the diverse landscape of charitable giving. The Faculty will guide you through the fundamentals and advanced applications, offering comprehensive insights into navigating the complexities of philanthropy and helping you optimize charitable contributions for your clients.

4.5 CLE - From March 2023 - Stay abreast of the latest developments in health law. The faculty provides crucial updates, insights, and analyses, ensuring you are well-informed and equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of health law.

3 CLE - From March 2023 - Master the art of trying cases in Indiana Commercial Courts. The faculty share invaluable insights, procedural nuances, and effective trial strategies, providing practical guidance for attorneys navigating the unique challenges of commercial litigation in Indiana.

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