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Impaired Driving Defense 101 - March 26

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Our program will feature 14 twenty-minute discussions each providing a primer within the framework of their topic. This rapid-fire webcast, led by Charles Rathburn, brings you a wealth of valuable information from some of the Nation’s best DUI defense attorneys packed into a single, convenient six-hour webcast.


• Initial client intake & client control

• Brainstorming: Developing a theme of the case

• Collateral Consequences

• Breath Testing, PBT and EBT

• Blood Testing: Finding the weakest link

• The Alphabet Soup: SFST’s, DRE, ARIDE

• Discovery

• Plea Negotiation

• Voir Dire

• Opening Statements

• Cross-Examination

• Closing Statements

• Making your record for appeal

• Driver’s License Issues

• The Experts

• Bringing it together



Charles J. Rathburn, Chair

Rathburn Law Office, Indianapolis, IN

Andrew R. Bucher

Attorney at Law, Toledo, OH

Drew Carroll

Carroll Law Firm, Charleston, SC

Scott A. DeVries

DeVries Law Office, Indianapolis, IN

Matthew A. Dodd

Dodd Blackford & Carls, P.C., Bozeman, MT

Mark A. Foster

Foster O'Daniel Hambidge & Lynch, Evansville, IN

Bryan Goodman

Goodman Law firm, Sioux City, IA

Deandra M. Grant

Hamilton Grant PC, Dallas, TX

D. Timothy Huey

Huey Defense Firm, Columbus, OH

Shaunda Lynch

Foster O'Daniel Hambidge & Lynch, LLP, Evansville, IN

Meredith Mochel

Attorney at Law, Chattanooga, TN

L. Scott Pejic

Pejic Law Group, P.C., Michigan City, IN

John M. Sandy

Sandy Law Firm, Spirit Lake, IA

Jennifer A. Sturges

Rolfes Garvey Walker & Robbins, Greensburg, IN

Cara L. Schaefer Wieneke

Wieneke Law Office, LLC, Brooklyn, IN

Scott E. Wonder

Goddard Wetherall Wonder, Bellevue, WA


Part of the ICLEF Planning Your First Series

6 CLE - Friday, March 26; 9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

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