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Top 3 CME Seminars of 2023

Updated: Apr 30

Mediators bring specialized expertise in conflict resolution, enabling them to address a wide array of legal issues, from family disputes to civil and commercial conflicts. The role of a mediator extends beyond merely reaching agreements; they empower individuals to actively participate in shaping the outcomes of their disputes, harmonize legal proceedings, promote fairness, and contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the justice system. It is with mediators in mind that we present the Top 3 CME Seminars of 2023.

1)  CME for Family Mediators

6 CME / 6 CLE - From August 2023 - This seminar is designed to keep practitioners abreast of the latest developments in mediation techniques specifically tailored to family disputes. Topics include, Sticking Points, Settlement Agreements, Secure Act 2.0 & Ineffective Beliefs.

2)  CME Update for Civil Mediators: Advancing Your Civil Mediation Practice

6 CME / 6 CLE - From September 2023 - This seminar delves into various aspects of civil mediation, including Proven Strategies for Reducing Unconscious Bias in Conflict Resolution and Meditating with Highly Competitive People.

3)  Gain the Edge! Negotiating To Get What You Want

6 CME / 6 CLE / 1 E - From November 2023 - National Speaker Marty Latz discusses Latz's Golden Rules of Negotiation, Negotiation Ethics & Negotiation Strategies.

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