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Elevating Your Estate Planning Practice 2024 - 4 CLE

Estate Planning is not simply a transactional process, and no two clients are ever alike. In this extremely practical, “how to do it seminar” our focus will be on how to prepare for and conduct an estate planning client meeting.


Setting the Stage

• Find your “Why”?

• Marketing

• Staffing & Workflow

• Gathering the Information – What materials to send ahead of time

• Client services – future services to offer clients in order to stay relevant

The Initial Client Consultation

• Scheduling

• How to control the meeting & questions to ask

• The cast of characters – how to handle “helpful” family members

• Fee Agreements

How to Determine the Best Estate Plan for Your Client – Wills vs. Trusts

Unique Situations in Estate Planning

• How to Handle Different Client Situations – married, single, blended families

• Potpourri - Special Needs Trusts; long term care considerations; advance directives & other considerations



John B. Bishop

Cohen Garelick & Glazier, P.C., Indianapolis

Amy K. Nowaczyk

O’Drobinak & Nowaczyk, P.C., Schererville

Laura M. Vogler

O’Drobinak & Nowaczyk, P.C., Lafayette


ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN • Premier Indiana CLE


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