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Equine Law: A State & Federal Update 2022 - 3 CLE

This seminar has concluded. Please join us next time.

Equine Law: A State & Federal Update



The Indiana Equine Activity Statute: I.C. 34-31-5, et seq.

A. I.C. 34-31-5-1 Activity Sponsor or Professional

B. Definitions for the Indiana Equine Activity Statute

C. Exclusions to the Indiana Equine Activity Statute

D. Mandatory Prerequisites for the Indiana Equine Activity Statute

E. The Indiana Equine Activity Statute is a Starting Point

- Gregg S. Gordon

Indiana Equine Case Law: An Overview and Update

A. Equine Case Law: Personal Injury Decisions

B. Equine Case Law: The Indiana Workers Compensation Act and Decisions Regarding the Status of Laborers Working in the Equine Field

C. Indiana Equine Case Law Review of Decisions Involving Abuse or Neglect of, or Injury to Horses

D. Equine Case Law Review: Deductibility of Equine Related Expenses—Or Not: Business Expense or Hobby Loss

E. Overview of the Administrative Process of Representing a Client Before the IHRC.

- Peter J. Sacopulos

Equine Liens: An Overview of Indiana’s Liveryman Lien Codified at I.C. 32-33-8-1 & I.C. 32-33-9

- Gregg S. Gordon

Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA): A New Era for Thoroughbred Racing in Indiana and Nationally: Status/Review/Analysis and Concern:

A. HISA: Legislative History

B. HISA: Organization and Structure of HISA

C. HISA: The Disciplinary Process

D. HISA: Constitutional Concerns and Challenges

E. HISA: A New Era of Thoroughbred Racing Without Any Rade-Day Medications Including Furosemide

F. HISA: USADA, the Center Piece of Federal Testing and Enforcement That Has Left The Negotiation Table—What’s Next?

G. HISA/Inclusion of Thoroughbreds but what about other breeds?

- Peter J. Sacopulos



Gregg S. Gordon

Nickloy Albright & Gordon, LLP, Noblesville

Peter J. Sacopulos

Sacopulos, Johnson & Sacopulos, Terre Haute

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN • Indiana's Premier CLE Provider


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