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Winning Before Mediation & Trial: The Art of Winning Depositions, Feb. 19


Depositions can and should be, the primary tool in your arsenal to win any case at the beginning, before mediation, before trial, before arbitration. In today’s world, few cases go to trial. This Program proposes a model and method that leads to success long before a judge says “you may proceed,” if ever!

This Program delivers every tool you need, and the tricks of the trade you have always wanted, to ensure that every deposition you take or defend will be a winning one. Why? Because this one-of-a-kind Program is persuasion science & audience-centric advocacy-based. No matter the level of your experience – this creative, thoroughly practical, instantly useful, and entertaining Program is guaranteed to provide you with the tools of the deposition master. Never again will you fear that you came out second in a deposition. Substitute the faith of the veteran for the fear of the inexperienced or the concern about the lack of a proven, winning model and method – that works every time. And, you will decrease your preparation time by 50% or more.

A unique part of this Program is Dom’s “How to Prepare a Witness Never to Crash and Burn” – the home-based method of witness preparation.

The Program is a one-stop resource. It covers everything from the 4 purposes of a deposition, the surgical approach to gathering information, the “funnel technique,” how to open and close doors, how to cast in stone useful information, how to creatively theory test, how to take command and control, how to handle an ill-behaved opponent, how to defend powerfully, how to use the 3 basic weapons of defense to keep control, how to make and meet objections, and how to take an expert’s deposition.

The Program is chock-full of sophisticated “tricks-of-the-trade,” demonstrations, novel approaches and includes 1 hour of Ethics


National Speaker:

Dominic Gianna

Aaron & Gianna, New Orleans, LA

Mr. Gianna is a veteran trial lawyer, Fellow of the International Society of Barristers with a national practice and double award-winning veteran National Institute for Trial Advocacy Program Director and National Faculty member, combines modern persuasion science, the art, and craft of advocacy, with a tried-and-true model and method of taking and defending depositions in one fast-moving, enjoyable Program. Dom has taught and perfected this approach throughout the USA in his practice and in the seminar room. He has taken and defended over 1,000 depositions, has over 150 trials under his belt, and has participated in numerous focus groups and mock trials.

Dom is recognized by his peers as one of the profession’s most dynamic, energetic, and enthusiastic presenters and a master teacher, having trained, led, and presented programs to over 20,000 lawyers throughout the English-speaking world. He has presented many seminars to Indiana attorneys and always receives excellent reviews.

Most of all – Dom believes learning should be fun and instantly useful!


A National Speaker Seminar

6 CLE / 1 E - Friday, February 19; 9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.


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