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Leveraging Law Office Technology: Getting the Most Out of Your Software - April 7


60 Tips, Tricks, Apps & Websites in 60-minutes

This session covers all the latest developments in legal technology. We will cover where to go for legal-specific tech help, gadgets, and utilities that will help you work from home more efficiently, communicate with your clients better and improve the services you render, tablet and cloud-computing tips, ways you can securely share documents with clients and opposing counsel securely, law practice & life hacks, and more!

26-Week Action Plan for Time Management & Digital Detox in the Face of Covid-19

Maintaining focus before COVID-19 was challenging enough. Now we must add in the stresses of working from home, managing social distancing, keeping our families safe, and keeping our practice afloat. Achieving focus during this time can be extremely challenging! This one-hour session will show you how to achieve laser focus and work-life balance in the face of this pandemic.

The Best in Mobile Apps – Apps for the iPhone/iPad & Android Devices

Apps for legal professionals are constantly changing. In this fast-paced session, we will cover the 60 greatest hits and latest hits that will maximize mobility from your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device!

PowerPoint Power Hour

Based on Paul’s ABA Book, PowerPoint in an Hour for Lawyers, in this session, you will learn how to design professional-looking and effective PowerPoint presentations, without the use of endless bullet points and too much text. Specifically, we will cover how to work with photos, documents, document call outs, videos, audio recordings, text boxes, timelines, and much more.

A Lawyer’s Guide to PDF Files (Acrobat or PowerPDF for Lawyers)

Regardless of the PDF program you use, this session will show you the appropriate uses of PDFs. We will cover extremely important topics such as redaction, metadata removal and electronic document security, Bates Numbering, splitting/combining PDFs, reducing file-size for electronic case filing, review/comment, and PDF collaboration, adding signatures & stamps, routing PDFs for comments/feedback, and more. Finally, we will identify all the programs you can use for all of these functions (you are not limited to Adobe Acrobat or PowerPDF) and explain their relative pros and cons.

Outlook Power Hour

Lawyers and staff are generally drowning in email and many feel helpless when trying to get it under control. This session will show you how to use all of Microsoft Outlook's feature set to efficiently store, organize email (and attachments), and successfully deal with high email volume. This session also shows you how this powerful email and information manager helps better organize emails, contacts, calendar, and tasks. Tap into the latest and greatest features of Outlook.


Paul J. Unger

Affinity Consulting Group, LLC, Columbus, OH

Paul is a nationally recognized speaker, author and thought-leader in the legal technology industry. He is an attorney and founding principal of Affinity Consulting Group, a nationwide consulting company providing legal technology consulting, continuing legal education, and training.


Leveraging Law Office Technology: Getting the Most Out of the Software Every Lawyer Should Already Own

6 CLE (NLS) - Wednesday, April 7; 9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.


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