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Advanced Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers 2022 - 2 CLE / 2 CME

This seminar has concluded. Please join us next time.

Advanced Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers

2 CLE / 2 CME

This advanced negotiations webcast will increase your arsenal of strategies, techniques and tactics and help you further develop the strategic mindset that’s at the heart of successful negotiation and aid in maximizing the results you provide your client. Leave behind the intuitive and instinctive – along with their inherent uncertainties.

Going beyond the basics, Latz teaches you how to avoid divulging strategic information, how to maximize your leverage, how to counter “objective” standards, and the strategies for successful closing.

Plus, he’ll share his secrets for avoiding and breaking impasses and responding to and utilizing risky negotiation tactics like walkouts and bluffing.

Even if you’ve been negotiating for years, you’ll leave this seminar with new strategies you can use in your next negotiation, mediation, or settlement conference.

Martin Latz is one of North America’s leading experts and instructors on negotiating techniques. A Harvard Law honors graduate, Marty will help make YOU a more effective lawyer.

Strategies, Techniques and Tactics You’ll Learn:

  • Latz’s 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation … and their Corollaries

  • Ways to block tough questions

  • Methods to maximize your leverage

  • 5 countermeasures for “objective” standards

  • Secrets to the successful close

  • Techniques for successful bluffing


National Speaker:

Martin E. Latz

Latz Negotiation Institute, Phoenix, AZ

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN • Indiana's Premier CLE Provider


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